Baseball Now



Looking at the standings this year is simply amazing. Five of the six divisions have close pennant races that go two or three teams deep. The American League West could have had one if the Oakland A’s Billy Beane had not traded the season away for prospects that he will trade away in four years to end another playoff hunt.

The Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees are battling for the AL Wild Card and waiting for the Rays to realize that they are the Rays and should not be in first place in the AL East or most AAA leagues. Instead, Yankees tickets are hot items with a well-timed playoff run and the end of the current incarnation of Yankee Stadium.

The Chicago White Sox are trying not to let their hold on the AL Central slip away to the eerily consistent Minnesota Twins. White Sox fans have been trembling all season long as the season that was not supposed to be has been and the Twins have been lurking closer and closer to first place from the shadows after a disappointed start.

The Philadelphia Phillies, the New York Mets, and the Florida Marlins are all trying to pick up the NL East. The Phillies are loaded with MVP winning talent. The Mets were hoping to move tickets in celebration of the last season at Shea, but have since become an unlikely contender. The Marlins are simply the team nobody wants in the playoffs. Whenever they get in they win it all; it’s automatic.

The NL Central was supposed to be the Cubs to run away with, but while tickets to Chicago Cubs games have seen plenty of wins, so have seats to Brewers and Cardinals games. The two teams are always nipping at the spiked heals of the Cubs.

The NL West is up fro somebody who wants it. Apparently nobody does though. The Diamondbacks faded quickly, yet remained in first place because nobody else in the division can hit. The Dodgers are trying to make a respectable at .500 and the division.

The division races are simply amazing this season. Maybe its just living in the now, but it seems like rarely has a playoff atmosphere been established so early in the season. Fans all over the country are trying to decide if they should buy World Series tickets just in case now.