Bourn and Trout has won the award of Wilson Defensive Player of the year

Time is going quite good for Michael Bourn and Mike Trout. Though they could not get the Rawlings Gold Glove Awards which was given in the last week, they have been awarded with Wilson Defensive Player in American League this year. Trout has ranked first in this category in MLB Baseball.
This award was given on Last Sunday. Bourn also won the award by playing wonderfully in National league for his team brave who has won the Wilson defensive team this year. Actually, from each team one player has been selected as the defensive player of a year.
The voting process is quite different for this award than Gold Glove Awards. In the Glove awards the voting is done by League Managers whereas in this case the voting is done on the basis of the statistics of the players. This process is called shredder system.
Well, this process has given the players like Brandon Crawford of San Francisco or Brendan Ryan of Seattle the opportunity to be awarded because of their wonderful defense ability in the matches. Jose Molina can also be mentioned for this as he has performed really well with .223 hitters and showed wonderful defensive style.
This year players like Adam LaRoche, Robinson Cano, Josh Reddick, Yadier Molina and Adrian Beltre have got both the awards for their teams though this achievement is not done by Trout. He lost the Gold Glove Award which has been won by Baltimore’s Adam Jones who is one of the center fielders of his team.
Trout lastly won the Fielding Bible Award in 2012 and he was also recognized for his wonderful defensive performance in the last season. He took a lot of catches homer saving and showed his ability of defense in a large range.
Jason Heyward also showed his talent in this season. He also achieved a fielding percentage of .995 and he only committed two errors which is no doubt quite extra ordinary. The range which he showed was also quite brilliant.
Both Heyward and Bourn played brilliantly for Braves and it caused the wonderful performance of the team. They have reached the top UZR of 53.1. Angels also reached a good level of 44.3 UZR because of the wonderful performance of Trout.
Bourn, Trout and some other who have already received the award for being the best players of defense can also be selected for another award called Baseball Yearly Awards for greatness in MLB Baseball in 2012. This voting is done by the personnel of the front office, media and the alumni of MLB.

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