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The Truth About Pitching

Monday, May 26th, 2008

I was recently reading an article on how pitchers in fantasy baseball are severely undervalued. It says that fantasy experts suggest spending spending a minimum of 60% of your money on hitting, and a maximum of 40% of it on pitching even though pitching counts for exactly half of the scoring. (If your in a league that does not draft with dollars, but in a serpentine form then take this non-literally)

In most leagues 14 hitters and only 9 pitchers count towards the scoring but this is because you need 8 positions to fill and usually some utility. Simple math shows you have 55% more hitters to produce your offensive stats. The actual ratio of players who are hitters to players who are pitchers is 61:39, so perhaps this is why experts give more money to hitting, but why? This line of reasoning is completely wrong. Since there are fewer pitchers and 50% of the scoring comes from pitching, the average price of pitchers should be more than the average price of hitters.

Some common argument you hear for hitters over pitchers

•You need to draft more hitters than pitchers

So what? You can still divide your money fairly equally between them just spend a little less per hitter than per pitcher.

•Pitching performance is less predictable than hitter performance

This could be true if you were comparing the average pitcher to the average hitter, but if you draft a quality pitcher wouldn’t you be able to predict quite accurately how well they will perform. In addition some pitching categories are easier to predict than hitting categories. If he stays healthy, wouldn’t you expect Johan Santana to get alot of strikeouts?

•Pitchers get injured more than hitters do

Actually this is not true, in a study done in 2001 by Stan Conte, it states that an average pitcher has a 23.7% chance to go on the DL. A hitter on the other hand has a 27.9% chance of going on the DL. Of all those hitters the shortstop is the most likely to go on the DL with a whopping 38.4% chance!

Also when pitchers do go on the DL they tend to stay on it longer with an average of 16.6 days on the DL and conversely the hitter stays on it an average of 13.9 days.

The last thing I want to talk about strays a little bit off the topic of this page but when your trying to decide between a great starting pitcher or a great closer take the starting pitcher. For example if your staff needs a total of 7 pitchers, 4 starters, and 3 closers. If you have one great starter, 220 innings pitched and a 2.25 ERA and the rest of your staff are average, (average for starters being 220 innings pitched and a 4.00 ERA, and average for closers being 70 IP and a 3.50 ERA), then you will have a total of 430 ER, 1090 IP, and a 3.55 ERA. If you have a superior closer and the rest of your staff is average then you will have a total of 462 ER, 1090 IP, and a 3.81 ERA. Now obviously you realize the big difference in ERA but also notice the 32 ER difference, how will you make that up?

And just to highlight the importance of having a great starter even more, if you have 3 superior relievers and 4 average starters your totals will be 439 ER, 1090 IP, and 3.62 ERA. Now, superior starters can help more in wins, strikeouts, ERA, and WHIP but if your hurting in saves then choose the closer.

New York Yankees - It’s Time To Buy Yankee Tickets!

Saturday, February 16th, 2008

Batter Up! That’s right, it’s baseball season. Why not celebrate the beginning of a new MLB season by going to watch the New York Yankees?

The New York Yankees are the most famous baseball organization in the world. They were originally the Baltimore Orioles, but after the 1902 season, they moved to New York City. They were known as the New York Highlanders until 1913, when they changed their name to the New York Yankees. They have been known by this ever since.

Since the beginning of the franchise, the Yankees have won 26 World Series titles, 39 American League Pennants and 15 division titles. Not only are they the most popular baseball team ever, but they are also the most successful.

The roster of the New York Yankees reads like a who’s who of the MLB. Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, Johnny Damon, Jason Giambi and Andy Petite all play for the Yankees. If you do go and see a game, you are sure to be entertained by these Super Star players. But how do you go about attending a New York Yankee game?

In baseball, unlike a lot of other pro sports, there is a very long schedule and a whole lot of games that you can attend. No matter what your schedule, you should be able to find a game that you can attend.

There are two main ways you can get Yankee tickets: You can buy them through the Yankees Ticket Office or you can buy them from a third party broker.

If you are just looking for a normal set of tickets, It would probably be best to just buy them from the Yankees organization. Since the stadiums they play in are so big, there are usually many seats available for you to choose from. You can call the ticket office directly, or you can even order your tickets right off the Internet!

If you are looking for a special set of seats, or a really expensive set of seats, then you might be best suited to buy your tickets from a third party broker. These people buy tickets in bulk right when they are available. This way, they get the best seats. These tickets are not cheap, though, and the best tickets have highly inflated prices. If you want to get front row seats to a Yankee game, you will be able to get them from a company like this, but you must be willing to pay for them.

You can also try eBay’s ticket section if you can’t find what you are looking for at another ticket dealer. Here, you will find individual people selling tickets they no longer need. Be careful, though. Only buy from reputable sellers. There are many people on eBay trying to scam you out of your money. Take precautions so you don’t fall victim to them.

A New York Yankee game is a great thing to go and see. If you are in the New York area, buy some tickets and cheer on the Yankees!

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