Cook had a dream run

Ryan Cook reported, “It has been awesome till now and made me feel that I was dreaming. It made me feel that I became an all star and the whole experience is inexplicable. At this moment all that I am doing is trying to take all of the feeling deep within myself.”

The right handed pitcher had a couple of mesmerizing strikeouts against Mets’ David Wright and Bryce Harper. On Tuesday, at the Kauffman Stadium, Cook played his heart out to make the team win by 8-0.

On the national podium Cook has made 11 pitches in all out of which 8 of the pitches made a strike. Out of 8 pitches that did strike most of the pitches were about 96 miles/hour.

Bob Melvin, A’s manager, when asked about cook said, “No one has to worry about him, he has been into a bad situation but has recovered quickly. Now he is pitching as good as he used to do over the years.” Then he added that he is feeling very confident as he locked Harper by his fastball.

Cook had joined his girlfriend and family earlier in the day for an event that would last for two days. Later during the morning walk he was joined by Justin Verlander and Joe Mauer.

Cook said, “I was feeling great on knowing the player whom he always saw on the opposite team.” He then added that knowing those players on a personal level was a treat to have. He said that they shared their interests and hobbies also most amazingly their household names.

Felix Hernandez, a fellow All-star said that they have been watching Cook activity on the field. He added that Cook has got amazing stuff in him. Make sure you don’t miss fantastic casino games on PartyCasino

Cook called the whole experience as surreal. He also added that this type of experience makes him want more of the stuff that he has got now.

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