How will Ups and Downs in the performance of Nick Swisher effect?

Nick Swisher took a crucial part behind the success of Yankees which they have got in this season. Swisher has played wonderfully in this season with 24 runs at home and he has also scored 77 walks and 36 doubles.
Another thing which is necessary to say about his performance is that he has delivered at the right time for his team. Six home runs of the last 12 runs he has scored at home have given his team a lead. He has played in six positions and still his batting average is on the higher side .301.
However Swisher in the MLB Baseball means something more. He creates a wonderful ambience in the ground. The emotion of the crowd and the noise for cheer are brought into clubhouse by his wonderful personality.  Swisher was always with a smiling face and he did not face any bad day in this season.
His performance for Yankees in the four seasons is quite brilliant. He has played in 150 matches in an average per year. He has scored 26 home runs. He has got OPS of .850 in these four seasons. He is now 31 but still he is continuing to play well for Yankees.
Well, there was a bad patch for him in the last season. At that time he was having an average of .167 and in the American League Championship Series he was playing very badly. Joe Girardi, the manager of Yankees did not allow him to play for Yankees in the three consecutive matches.
His average was .211 in the five matches in the year 2011, and before that his batting average was .176 in some of the matches. Well, his form in the last season had ups and downs but as a whole he played quite a crucial part for his team.
Now all these number factors create a bit of problem for the couch about taking the player in the next season. However, one thing has to be considered that Swisher has performed quite well as a whole and mainly his performance was poor in the month of October.
Jose Valverde, Angel Pagan and Edwin Jackson have also gone through a bad time in the month of October in the last season.  At the age of 33 Adam LaRoche is playing wonderfully with a score of 33 home runs. He is now one of the most respected players in MLB Baseball.
Well, still the general managers have to go through the reports and videos of the players who have played badly in the month of October last season thoroughly before choosing them for the next season.

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