In MLB Baseball Colon gets suspension of 50 games for drug addiction

There are 50 MLB Baseball game suspensions in one week for the contending and starter teams in Bay Area. In Oakland Athletics, Bartolo Colon who is a winner of Former Cy Young Award was suspended for 50 games on Wednesday after a test and the result was positive. The announcement of a week’s suspension of 50 games was made by MLB Baseball after the game ALL STAR.

Colon said that he want to apologizes to his fans, teammates and Oakland A’s. According to players association he will accept the responsibilities of his action and the suspension will also be served by him as by joint drug program.

He will go to miss 40 regular season games and 10 postseason MLB games. It will affect on future season if Colon signs any league contract which is major. According to Grant Balfour, Oakland reliever it is very shocking news.

When Oakland A’s were preparing for the afternoon series on Wednesday they got the news. After that a meeting called which is door team among closed members. The team also said in a statement that for today’s suspension the athletes of Oakland are disappointed.

Brandon McCarthy said some little more that MLB has lost a really important part of their team. Ross said that it is shocking for all MLB Baseball members that someone of them got caught for the drug related issue. Beane also said that they are not just disappointed for Colon but for whole MLB Baseball members.

Colon is 39 year old and has a record of 171-122 in a season of 15 leagues. Colon will go to lose $469,945 remaining money and also his base salary $2 million. He also will not get the money of performance based $750,000 and innings based $150,000. And for the suspension he will have to pay another $850,000.

The CEO of Travis Tygart wrote an email for associated press saying about that if athletes get any chance to get away from it then they will do whatever it takes. According to Beane the union and MLB Baseball has pretty aggressive intension.

Colon did not show any grievance for his suspension and MLB doesn’t find any relation with Colon and Calbera. With Oakland A’s Colon had get a 2nd chance and he is very thankful about that. For saving Colon’s career, two years ago he was credited with a procedure of stem cells.

The IRMS test of the drug testing laboratory will decide whether the testosterone is inside the body or comes outside the body by testing Colon’s urine sample.

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