James shields takes care of the Royals single handedly

James Shields seems to be in a league of his own. No matter who it is he is not bothered. He is doing what he knows best. There seems to be no stopping him this season. “He is getting better with every single match this season.” This is what his manager said. The Royals seem to be getting frustrated with the form that James Shields is in.

As soon as James entered the field the loud speakers in the field echoed “He will take care of the business on the field.” his presence gave the home fans something to cheer about. A crowd of 11,892 people gave him a standing and overwhelming ovation. He entered the field on a high and did not let his tem or the fans down by any means.

The team manager of the Rays also said that “Shields was the biggest thing in the match, even bigger than the match itself.” The MLB Baseball league is a very big league in America. The pressure seems to be getting to the other teams and players but Shields is in his own league. Defeating their opponent in their last match the Rays maintained their top spot in the MLB.

They are in no way looking to give away their lead at the top spot. The team is performing well and more importantly the players are complimenting each other. The form of Shields frustrated the Royals hitters to this extent that they launched a complained that the striking zone was too far from them.  The Royals manager said “the strike zone was disputed.”

After the seventh the Rays had a 4-1 lead and finally in the eighth the team won comfortably with a 5-3 score line. James Shield feels that there was no dispute with the striking zone. Instead he felt that their catcher did not do too well there. On the other hand Scott seemed to have done extremely well in that position. Countering the Royals manager, Shields said “The striking zone was probably brought in by a little maybe.” Shields have an incredible record.

They have won eight out of their last ten games which includes a five game win run. The major credit for such success has been given to James Shields by the manager of the team and the fans. Shields have produced 34 strikeouts already this season. Some people consider Shields to be the next big thing in the MLB.

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