Kendrick locked in for four years with an extension to his contract

Howie Kendrick and Los Angeles Angels have entered into an agreement for extending the 4-year contract of Howie for a price of 33.5 million, as the sources say. At 28, Kendrick had one of his best league seasons. In this season, he got 18 home runs and batted .285 and with .464percentage, he also made it to the All Star team of the American League. This was his last season of negotiation eligibility, and this deal bought three season of the free agency Kendrick had. After this agreement, only the formality of physical is pending for the next few days.

In his last season, he made 3.3 million dollars and with this deal, he is earning a whopping amount this season. Jerry Dipoto, general manager of the Angels signed C.J. Wilson and Albert Pujols together for an amount of 320 million dollars earlier and now he has started discussions with Erick Aybar, who is double-play partner of Kendrick. When it comes to the minor leagues, Kendrick was probably the best prospects of the Angels this season, as he batted .360. However, when his progress is measured, it seems far away from linear. In the 2009 season, his team also demoted Kendrick to the Triple-A midway.

After this multi-year agreement between Kendrick and Angels, the team now has 15 players for the season of 2012 and has paid out almost 130 million dollars as salary for the players under contract. There are three cases of arbitration still pending for the team. These include Alberto Callaspo, shortstop Erick Aybar, and Kendrys Morales, who is the first baseman. Career highs of Kendrick include six triples and fourteen stolen bases as well. Another good thing about Kendrick is that, he made starts in three different positions, starting from first base, to second base and the left field, when he bats .285.

Looking at the last six seasons that Kendrick played with the Angels, it seems that he is a .292 hitter all his career. It seems that the team has locked in Kendrick for four years now, instead of looking for free agency. Now, it will be interesting to see what will happen with the rest of three arbitration eligibility cases. With Kendrick agreeing to the contract of four-year extension, fans are looking forward to see him with the team this season. However, only time will tell how beneficial will Kendrick prove to be for the Angels in the minor leagues.

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