Mariano Rivera wants to play for New York Yankees in this season

It is no doubt good news for the fans of New York Yankees that Mariano Rivera of New York Yankees wants to play again in the next season for his team and this news has been disclosed by Brian Cashman, the manager of the team.

Cashman said on Friday, “Mariano Rivera wants to play for our team this season. He has informed me this. I have to talk to his agent Mr. Fernando Cuza and have to make all the agreements.”

In the last season Rivera fell down on the turf and as a result of it he got an injury in his ACL in Kanas City in MLB Baseball. As a result of this he announced that he would again play in 2013. On November, 2012, he has celebrated his 43rd birthday and he has also announced his wish to play again for his team in 2012.

There is no doubt about the fact that he was extremely disappointed to be out of the team because of the injury. Now, he feels that he has recovered from his injury and he is keen to join the team again. He looked really sad after the injury in Kanas city when he said, “You can be sure that I will come back soon. I can’t get out from the game for long time. It is impossible for me.”

Well tough time has gone with him. Even on the last week, he was not sure about playing in this season. However, he recovered quite quickly and now he is quite sure about his chances for playing in this season for his team.

As per the financial contracts are concern this season may be little down for him. He got $15 million in the previous season. However, this time as he has played only 9 games in the last season, he will not get that good deal for sure. Well, he has front officer’s immense respect with him that may work positive for him.

Rafael Soriano has played for Mariano Rivera as a replacement in last season for New York Yankees and he played quite well for the team in MLB Baseball. He has saved 42 of 46 chances. One year contract is still left for him with Yankees. However, he wants to get out of the team.

His agent Scott Boras said, “Well, he is willing to play for free agencies but he has not made any final decisions for this till now.”

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